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Dr. Lori (Dolores) Puterbaugh
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Have you been anxious, depressed, or stressed?  Are you lying awake at night, worried and distracted during the day? Are you hoping to find an effective way to feel better and live your life fully?

Are you worried that seeking counseling or psychotherapy means you are "crazy," or that you'll have to spend weeks or months talking about your past?

If you're having relationship problems, are you worried that seeking help means the relationship is doomed? Some studies indicate that the average couple struggles with fighting, loneliness and unhappiness for five years before deciding to consult a therapist. Families also often postpone seeking help with blending families, adjusting to major changes or life phase issues, and parenting strategies.

Therapy can be part of the solution. It doesn't mean you're crazy, and it doesn't mean your relationship is doomed or your family is broken. Surrendering to unhappiness and yielding to despair shouldn't be an option. There are short-term approaches that are supported by research for many of life's challenges. 

For example, there are very exciting new developments in medication-free treatments for depression. Many people are worried about side effects of medication, the risk of overdosing, or feeling as if they are dependent on medication to cope with life's problems.  Research supports a combination of specific types of therapy and lifestyle changes. Best of all, the research indicates that people who choose to handle depression with this type of balanced, healthy approach have far fewer relapses of depression. The recovery process can be quick and result in better health all around - not merely alleviating the feelings of sadness, numbness, hopelessness and painful fatigue common to depression.  If you are interested in this kind of approach to treating depression, please email at, or call 727-559-0863.

There are also therapies that are shown to help with anxiety, sleep problems, and stress.  In fall 2011, my article on mental health strategies for sleep problems was published in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling, and in July 2012 I presented on this topic at the American Mental Health Counselors' Association annual conference.

Relationship and family problems can be addressed succesfully with counseling.  Examples are: adjusting to life with a new baby, blended families, coparenting after separation or divorce, marital problems, premarital counseling, and coping successfully with challenges such as deployments, relocations or empty nests.

Sometimes it isn't a problem so much as adapting to a new stage of life: the segue from college to working adult, from military to civilian life, from career to retirement.  These changes can be unsettling but can also be an opportunity to get back in touch with your strengths and life dreams.

If you are interested in addressing anxiety, depression, sleep problems, stress, relationship problems and life-stage issues, or other concerns, please email at or call 727-559-0863. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

  Toxic Psychology makes its debut this spring! 

The book is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon and other booksellers. For Media, Examination, and Review Copies: Orders: Contact your favorite bookseller or order directly
Contact: James Stock from the publisher via phone (541) 344 1528,
(541) 344 1528, ext 103 or fax (541) 344 1506 or e mail the publisher at  

I am grateful to the help of my publisher, my husband Gerry, and friends Scott Wilson and Wayne Barrett during the long writing process!



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Do you wonder about counseling? What makes it different from just talking to a friend or family member? Why bother?  Can talking about things really make a difference? Perhaps this website can help answer some questions or give you the jumpstart to seek more information. 

There are exciting developments in the world of psychotherapy!  Scientific research supports psychotherapy, along with specific lifestyle changes, as very effective, long-lasting treatments for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other challenging circumstance. Counseling and coaching can also help with relationship problems, motivation, and adjusting to life changes.

Anyone's life can be out of balance at times. A balanced life incorporates the needs of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides.  Your balanced life is the daily demonstration of your values and principles.  You will feel energized, interested and interesting.  Life has times of unavoidable distress and imbalance. The healthier your day-to-day lifestyle, the better prepared you will be to cope with the inevitable challenges of living.

 The ongoing research on the human brain shows that psychotherapy, exercise, meditation/meditative prayer and the other activities that are often integrated into a therapy process have real physical and chemical effects on our brains.  We know more now about why the kinds of treatment that some people described as "just talking" are able to much, much more!  The more researchers learn about the brain, mind and body, the more effectively people can be helped with the many difficulties of life.

When discussing therapy, there are many terms: coaching, counseling, marriage & family therapy, and psychotherapy.  These are related but there are differences.  A very brief discussion of the differences appears on the following pages.

Thank you for visiting! 
Dr. Lori (Dolores) Puterbaugh, LMHC, LMFT, NCC
801 West Bay Drive, Suite 436
Largo, FL  33770

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Dolores (Lori) Puterbaugh, PhD, LMHC, LMFT
801 West Bay Drive Suite 436
Largo, FL 33770

Clinical Member, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

Dr. Lori Puterbaugh, LMHC, LMFT

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